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Tara Homes, New Delhi & Fantastic Phonics

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Fantastic Phonics works with a growing list of charities and NGOs in India. English is a widely used language in India, and is required for higher education, beyond primary school. There are about 200 million children of school age who cannot read, and who will miss any education.

There are over 60,000 children in India that are learning with Fantastic Phonics, and we are focused on their needs, with development of a special technologies for Indian villages that are not connected to the internet.

Case study: Tara Homes for Children, New Delhi

chaya_kidsTara is an NGO offering a residential service with an emphasis on education for street children and abandoned children. In our homes, Tara Homes ensures quality education, security, complete health care and a real opportunity to carve a bright future. Tara Homes are designed for children without a home or a family able to take care of them. Tara Homes are not institutions! They are meant to host no more than 20 children, to ensure a violence-free, family-like environment.

Fantastic Phonics donated its program to Tara Homes in 2014.




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