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Our mission is to "Teach the world to read". We are still a long way from our goal. In many communities, the classroom doesn't have electricity.

We ensure that no child is left behind, by providing free, low cost and comprehensive access to a reading program. Those who can pay, we ask that you pay, those who can't afford it, we donate it.

What type of Phonics?

Children learn in different ways, but ultimately, they need to develop instinctive decoding skills to achieve the speed needed for comprehension.

Fantastic Phonics is a Synthetic Phonics program, which means it provides an obvious, clear link between a spoken sound, and text on the page. It provides a structured, gently graded program which coveres all the phonic techniques so that a reader can independently read.

  • Fantastic Phonics is written around the 225 "Core Words" which form between 50-70% of English text.
  • The Program methodically teaches the techniques of decoding, at the same time, teaching the 225 Core Words. This give the student the technical ability to decode 97% of English text, regardless of complexity.
  • Fantastic Phonics teaches "phonemic awareness" by combining a rhyming verse, and an "Onset and Rhyme" technique to show students the similarities between words, based on phonic clusters (phonemes).
  • The Program is evidenced-based. This means, it was constructed based around 30 years of rsearch into reading. It has also be researched by the US government in a 3 year rsearch project which, for example, showed 580% improvement in phonic fluency. You can see the Executive Report of the research Click here
  • Fantastic Phonics is low cost, and that is important. We donate the program to more than 5000 schools, and about the same number have purchased the program since 1998. This year, we estimate that approximately 500,000 children will learn to read using Fantastic Phonics. It has been provided to 260 Australian schools with Indigenous children.
  • Fantastic Phonics fits neatly into any of the School curriculum requirements. It is used in schools around the world, whether in Australia, the USA, the UK, or in Africa, the Middle East, in Pakistan, India and China.
  • It is successful with 'at risk' readers, remedial readers, teenagers and adults. The essential skills required for reading are phonemic awareness and decoding, and EVERY reader needs to develop those skills.
  • It is widely used for autism, dyslexia, non-verbal children and ESL children.
  • It is recommended by Universities. Macquarie University recommends the program for use in its "MultiLit" program, the most widely used remedial reading program. Fantastic Phonics forms the core of that program.
  • The story books can be printed onto standard office paper, then bound into collections of 20 books. This makes them a solid, longlasting resource which can be easily replaced. It also make them an ideal take-home collection for the family.
  • There are multimedia and video versions for classroom smartboards or computers or mobiles
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