Early Reading


With so many children unable to attend school, Fantastic Phonics has released our Digital Edition as a FREE online resource.

Parents can now help their children to read  - with hundreds of videos, multimedia, quizzes, games and resources. The free program includes;

  • ¬†Instructional Videos which demonstrate evidence-based techniques for teaching PHONICS.
  • Video animations, multimedia, instructional videos, word games and quizzes to keep children learning
  • More than 400 Phonic activities covering beginner to advanced
  • Unlimited access - share with your friends.

ALSO: 60 Printable Books & 60 Lesson Plans for offline instruction and face-to-face reading with children.


  • Let your friends and community know about the free Phonics resource
  • Used by more than 11 million students worldwide, used widely by hundreds of thousands of Schools
  • Researched by the US government - research is available on the website.
  • You can purchase the 60 Printable Phonics Books to assist with face-to-face instruction and offline activity
  • The 60 books are black/white, designed for inexpensive printing at home.


  • You can assist your parents by alerting your community to the free resource
  • The Digital Edition (School Version) can be installed on your servers and broadcast to your school community via the internet.
  • This server version complements your shift to online learning.
  • Please note: A School License allows schools to use within the school. It does not permit public distribution.

HOW TO GET ACCESS: Simply browse to www.teachtheworldtoread.com (This is our sister site.)

  • The free Digital Edition can be accessed freely from the Home page or the Menu
  • If you wish to purchase the books they are available via Paypal or Credit card.

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