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Fantastic Phonics for Adults and Students

Fantastic Phonics has developed a core literacy program for Chinese speaking people, and Asian, Indian and African people. It is a standalone, server version you can install on your own servers/PCs/pads.

Ideal for ...

  • English schools and programs on Mainland China
  • Vocational language for Nursing staff
  • Beginner through to expert.
  • General Workplace Language
  • English for Nurses and Assistant Nurses
  • English for Aged Care Nurses
  • learn to decode and comprehend English using a variety of strategies
  • learn core words, their meanings and how they are used
  • become confident with pronunciation
  • avoid guessing words that you don’t know
  • use professional language with colleagues
  • communicate confidently with residents and understand their needs.
  • Server based version – no internet required. Simply copy to server and play on unlimited devices via local wifi
  • Install on single laptops and pads and other devices
  • Ideal for English schools, adult programs and workplace skills
  • More than 6gig of video, multimedia, games, puzzles and tests

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  • $499 once only
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