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Fantastic Phonics - Free For NGOs and Charities

Download the USAID research.

Fantastic Phonics provides the print version of the program to NGOs and charities who are working in developing and refugee communities.

Currently, we provide the program to more than 1.1 million families, through a network of approximately 160 NGOs, including USAID, FHI 360 and RTI.

WorldReader.org also distributes the program to an enormous number of NGOs worldwide.

If you are involved in a project or would like to simply find out more, please go the contact page.


Also available is an offline learning system which extends the power of the print version with animated videos, training videos and multimedia.

This system has been designed to work with no-internet communities. It can run from a computer or a wireless server, for example, the Worldpossible.org "Rachel Plus".

This low-cost micro-server supports 40 devices, and is suitable for 2 classrooms. In addition to Fantastic Phonics, it comes with an offline version of wikipedia and other open source educational material.

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