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Fantastic Phonics in India

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Fantastic Phonics works with a growing list of charities and NGOs in India. English is a widely used language in India, and is required for higher education, beyond primary school.

There are 60,000 children in India are learning to read with Fantastic Phonics.

Case study: 40RTYK NGO

40RTYK is a innovative NGO which provides literacy to children in the villages around Bangalore.  40RTYK  works with village women who are trained to teach with Fantastic Phonics, using a combination of printed and digital media. There is a set of training videos which show new teachers how to present each lesson, and a training manual for each book.

There is also digital media - video to engage the children, and multimedia which steps through each coloured page and allows the children to click each word, to hear the phonemic decoding, and pronunciation. There are also word challenges and 'games' for the children to develop their skills.

40RTYK NGO gives village children access to a quality education, by developing their literacy skills to enable higher learning.

Fantastic Phonics traveled to India to train the community women how to deliver each Fantastic Phonics lesson, which included phonemic awareness, phonics knowledge, book reading and digital media. 40RTYK establishes "Teaching Pods" in each village, and such is the effectiveness of their teaching, that nearly all children attend after school, to improve their English and mathematics.

The Fantastic Phonics team traveled to India and trained the first of many village
women to understand phonics and how it is taught. Fantastic Phonics program was provided free of charge to 40RTYK.

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