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Fantastic Phonics and Indigenous Children

Fantastic Phonics is used as a Foundation Reading Skills program for Indigenous Australian children, and as a remedial reading program for children identified as having reading difficulties.

In 2012 and 2013, the program was donated to more than 270 schools with Indigenous children. The program was donated to Indigenous communities and to charities which provided educational assistance to Indigenous children.

In 2013, Aboriginal Literacy Foundation asked Fantastic Phonics to create "The Healthy Living Series" for Aboriginal children. These unique books portray community life in remote settings, and so far, 20,000 books have been donated to schools, libraries and communities.

In 2013, Fantastic Phonics produced eight videos to help engage children into the reading process.

In 2014 Fantastic Phonics developed multimedia to assist English-as-Second-Language children to develop phonemic awareness, and assist with pronunciation. Also produced were digital games and challenges to familiarise children with letters, words, spelling, pronunciation and writing.

Fantastic Phonics has a focus on assisting children in remote regions and disadvantaged communities. In 2014 Fantastic Phonics visited communities and schools in Fiji, India and the APY Lands in central Australia, and donated the program to over 20 schools, Charities and Agencies in Africa, India, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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