Autistic and Non-verbal Children

Phonics reading program for Autistic and Non-verbal Children – a way forward for children with autism

Fantastic Phonics is used widely across the world to teach autistic and non-verbal children how to read. In Australia, it is used widely in government schools by teachers, with great success. It is used by speech therapists, and experts who design treatment programs for autistic children.

Mr Jim Charlton, a expert autism teacher in the NSW Department of Education, recently said …

“I am currently using Fantastic Phonics with a class of students suffering from Autism and a Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability. Getting great engagement with 3 students now reading … one student has reached book 15 (Level 1) in only 4 weeks.

Amazing to hear ‘non-verbal’ (or so I was informed earlier) students read with improving speech and articulation. I recommend Fantastic Phonics to consultants who manage classes with children with a disability.”

We can supply Mr Charlton's email address on request, if you would like more information on his expert findings.

Fantastic Phonics and Autism

The first 10 books of Fantastic Phonics is available in animated video. The video versions of the story have been shown (in research on 3-5 year olds) to encourage the children to vocalise and copy the sounds.

The voices have a American accent to be compatible with their television experience. When the children watch the video, they learn the basic words and letter shapes in an enjoyable format. The research showed that the children were almost instantly able to read the printed story.

“I have been trying it with my son, and it is going well. It seems that because the words in your program are three letter words, he tries them because they are not long. Other programs mix long words with the short words, and it is a visual block. As soon as he sees long words, he won't read.

But with yours, he is gradually reading them, and saying "Mommy, I can read". You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear him say that. Its been very frustrating for him and me". Paskalia Windy, Indonesia, Fri, 21 Sep 2012



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