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400,000 African children will learn to read using Fantastic Phonics in 2014. Throughout Africa, Asia and China, children and families are learning how to read, with evidenced-based tools.

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Fantastic Phonics is multimedia Decodable Books, Video, and "Talking Books" for fluency and speed. Teaching Plans and Curriculum Guides that can be customised for different schools and cultures.
Fantastic Phonics has been extensively researched. The results showed that children achieved basic literacy in 12 months in communities where English was second language.

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Fantastic Phonics presented to Prince William and Kate

In April 2014, the National Indigenous Training Academy (NITA) presented the Fantastic Phonics "Healthy Living" Series to Prince William and Kate, on their iconic visit to Yulara, Ayres Rock and the Academy.

This recognises the contribution Fantastic Phonics has made to the Mutitjulu community. It also gives Prince William and Kate an ideal learn-to-read program for their son, George.

Fantastic Phonics is delighted to have been honoured by both the Mutitjulu community, and NITA, and to be a part of Baby George's future reading. Read More

Fantastic Phonics donated to 270 Australian Indigenous schools

Ballina Public School Baniyala Garrangali School B atchelor Area School Bedourie State School Bees Creek Primary School Berry Springs Primary School Binnu Public School Bloomfield River State School Bluff Point Public School Bonnel Bay Public School Is your school on the list?
Alawa Primary School Alekarenge School Allendale Public School Alyangula Area School Amata Anangu School Amoonguna School Angurugu School Anula Primary School Areyonga School Argenton Public School Bakewell Primary School

Fantastic Phonics is being donated to more than 270 remote and urban schools across Australia that have Indigenous children. Fantastic Phonics has been proven successful for Indigenous readers, both in Australia and internationally.

Around the world, more than 5400 schools receive Fantastic Phonics at no cost, part of our philanthropy drive to assist all children to achieve literacy. We are proud to support our Indigenous communities. Contact us for more information.

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You can apply for a donated copy of Fantastic Phonics here

Reading Programs for Teachers and Schools
Fantastic Phonics is a low cost, highly regarded Phonics Resource which can be used with any curriculum. It has a quality pedigree – recommended by universities, used widely in schools, it is an evidence based program that can be trusted. Read more
Reading Programs for Families
Fantastic Phonics helps families in all communities, so parents can teach the whole family. For families where English is the second language, or autism and dyslexia, there are special resources for pronunciation and fluency. Read more
Free, 16 Week Teaching Manual Developed in collaboration with Research Triangle Institute, this manual is a template for any literacy program – 16 weeks, day by day. It was researched by WorldBank in 600 schools and it gained astonishing results – a 580% increase in fluency.


16 Week, Intensive curriculum
The curriculum is considered world-best practice in teaching English to classrooms, ESL families, autistic children and remedial. The collaboration formed the basis of the EGRA Plus system, and is an invaluable resource for teachers, schools and aid agencies around the world

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Donated to 5000 schools worldwide Fantastic Phonics has been donated to more than 5000 schools, in nearly all countries, through charities and NGOs, including … Anppcan Liberia Anppcan Malawi Christian Education Services, Liberia Christian Home Mission School, Liberia Anchor of Hope, Zambia BenG Projects, South India St. Patrick's School Blantyre Malawi, BBA Foundation, Nigeria Liberian Assistance Program, School of Promise, Thailand Leadz Foundation, Nigeria and many more – apply if you are a charity!



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The Secret behind Fantastic Phonics More children learn to read with Fantastic Phonics than with any other early reading scheme. The reading program has evolved over 15 years until it has reached worldwide success – independent Federal research in 600 schools.


Written for Children and Adults
Fantastic Phonics is written by Jennifer Cooper-Trent, author of more than 80 children's books. Her stories are part of the secret. Fantastic Phonics engages children on every level – and helps them to succeed. Once children believe they can read, they will return for more reading.

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